About Kurdos

Kurdos is a prime supplier of refined petroleum products in the Middle East market and expanding very soon to the South East Asian region. Our roots come from the South Kurdistan Group, Iraq which is a prominent business entity which has its strong presence in multiple business sectors. Our vision is to be an industry leader in every business venture and to build customer and stakeholder value. Our organization aspires to change the way you think about the service industry. Superior customer service, innovation through collaboration, and always striving for excellence and quality will give you the best experience.
Our is to provide excellence and quality through innovation, integrity, and a forward-thinking approach. We live by this every day, engaging with diversity, utilizing technology, and innovation through collaboration in order to excel industry standards. South- Kurdistan Group transcends multiple industries. This allows our organization to utilize best practices from multiple industries to be creative in the way we approach meeting our goals, mission, and values. Our values drive our actions and leadership. They reflect what is significant to our company and inspires our employees to perform meaningful work. Each day, we live by our company values.

We adopt the highest industry standards

Keep our primary attention on our clients

Serve our clients with high-quality and effective services